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Hand Drawing Floor Plans with Compasses and Rulers on Table

Our design team specializes in material handling solutions, but our expertise doesn't stop there. Working very close with the industries top engineers using state of the art analysis methods and always being up to date on code changes leaves you with the confidence your product will be manufactured code compliant, safe and as cost effectively as possible.

AMFI's products are entirely constructed with materials which meet or exceed local codes, including USA sourced structural steel. Being an approved metal fabricator shop gives you the peace of mind we have implemented practices consistent with quality state of the art manufacturing practices.

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AMFI specializes in custom steel solutions which include long span structural mezzanines, catwalks, conveyor support platforms, and material handling accessory parts such as end of row protectors, guardrails, and stairway/staircases. Our licensed and insured industrial mezzanine…

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