Rack Protectors

Yellow Rack Protectors

AMFI's steel E.O.R. or "End of Row" line of rack protectors are the strongest, easiest, and most cost effective way of protecting storage racks from incidental forklift damage frequent to warehouse operations.

Painted safety yellow making them easy to see and being constructed of 10" schedule 40 pipe stock welded to 5" x 3" x 3/8" steel structural angle with anchor holes at 18" O.C. max. make them a sturdy and smart addition to your operation.

Being able to withstand everyday forklift damage, AMFI End of Row steel protectors are the smart choice for your rack protection needs.


Yellow Rack Protectors
  • Protect your investment and structural stability
  • Bolts to floor for a high impact rating
  • Prevents lift truck damage
  • Promotes safety and awareness
  • Avoid downtime due to rack damage
  • Ends are elevated to avoid hitting base plates
  • Available in all sizes, single or double sided
  • Safety Yellow standard, other colors available
  • 3" x 5" x 3/8" angle standard with 12" tall 3/8" thick half moon, light duty option available
  • Shelving E.O.R. protectors also available (shown at bottom)

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