Modular Offices

Modular Offices, Shelters, Storage Rooms, etc.

Modular OfficeAMFI modular office systems allow you to “Go Up” when you no longer have the capability to “Spread or Go Out”. We offer modular offices, clean rooms or extra storage that are specifically designed to be installed in conjunction with an AMFI mezzanine or as a stand alone product. We designed and engineered our products to meet your specific workspace needs and load requirements for offices, lunchrooms, guard shacks, observation towers and more.

Our modules provide a robust structure that easily achieves most required clear spans. We offer faster, easier to permit, and more cost effective than general construction makes a modular office the smart choice for cost conscious buyers.


    Modular Office

  • Perfect for in-plant offices, guard shacks, vision towers, multi level offices, lunch / break rooms, clean rooms…
  • 2″ & 4″ wall systems available standard
  • Dust cover ceiling standard, load bearing roofs available
  • Vinyl clad hardboard or gypsum, metal clad, and fabric wall finishes available
  • Fast & clean installation